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Baluji Shrivastav, Indian sitar player and director of Inner Vision Orchestra

Blind before he was one year of age, Baluji knows that music making can transform lives.  His music and words reveal his spiritual connection to sound, and the philosophy that lies at the heart of Indian Classical music: it was through the power of sound that the universe was created. Baluji's inspirational leadership and simple, practical approach to life, encourages the musicians to aim high.

Victoria Oruwari, Nigerian opera singer

Victoria teaches singing and performs in concerts in and out of the UK. Victoria assigned colours to sound after she lost her sight aged seven. She speaks of feeling extra powerful on stage, and that it is one place that she feels most in control, being in the role where she is a giver.

Takashi Kikuchi, Japanese viola player

Blind from birth, Takashi wanted to explore movement. For the last fourteen years he has attended ballet classes for people with sight loss at Royal Opera House. Movement through ballet as well as swimming has helped him feel freer and has transformed many areas of his life. Employed primarily as a successful viola player, Takashi also works part time as a waiter in Dans le Noir Restaurant. 


How does a blind orchestra rehearse? Who conducts? Following the Inner Vision Orchestra as they go on tour, this story will let you share in the laughter and joy - and give you a unique insight - into the lives of ten blind and partially sighted musicians as they travel around the UK. This group unites players from Iran to Japan, Lebanon to Nigeria and India to Britain. Boasting a repertoire from classical and gospel to soul and traditional Indian ragas, through music they transcend barriers.

On their journey we discover these stories; an Iranian girl whose love of music kept her alive as her parents threatened to kill her, believing she was a punishment from God because she was born blind; a viola player who found freedom through movement in dance; a singer who chose to see sound in colour after going blind as a child; and a painter - the orchestra's ninety year old mini-cymbalist - whose career was destroyed, before turning to sculpture. Baluji Shrivastav is the inspirational leader of the Inner Vision Orchestra. Born in a tiny Indian village, and blind before he was one year of age Baluji paved his own path to success becoming one of the UK's most renowned sitarists, playing gigs with the likes of Boy George, Coldplay and Oasis.

This film celebrates the power of music to transform lives.



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